An Introduction To Social Media Advertising




hello today within a quickly I getting
started with social media
appetizing I we talked in previous
videos about where
companies that don’t use social media
enough or don’t see is a priority for
their business
social media advertising is kinda the
same thing at depending on your vertical
it can be
really cheap way to get out later brand
awareness and missing a lot of companies
now are using
very subsection media advertising the
ones who don’t maybe get left behind a
little bit
so it was her face but be obese one
Facebook have
few different ways about Ising and they
did have more they’ve cut back on
on some of them the main one is going to
be or external link so
as you look at page on Facebook down the
right hand side you have adverts pop up
sometimes that external linking
so what they do eighties on that panel
right hand side to target audiences or
face but considered to be targeted
audiences as people click
you pay for the quick and they’ll City
page promotion
where you try to get people to like your
page 0 saying that the same area
but I will also go to internees feet and
things like that they’ll City promoted
out if you have a Facebook page
sometimes you post something up
mckinney journal for something and face
but we’ll give you
a notification saying this price is
performed ninety percent better than
anything else new page
do you want to promote it you then set a
and I was upright in that post for you
all over the city they are really good
weather but has never really go by
increasing brand awareness or said he
got a special offer
or something like that I wouldn’t
necessarily suggest the football and
she’s used for general advertising
click to rate a very very low bounce
rates very very high
I’m is not that expensive but you are
going to him I think the average last
year was a
no point no 51 percent quick to write
something like that so it’s not
necessarily conversion build a
nominees ready our conversion go to such
you will get some
but don’t look at them as you would like
AdWords or something like that their way
of getting your name out there
being seen increasing activity on your
Facebook page more than anything
I out yet vegetables have a really good
at selecting
really easy is not the creche in this
difficult is the maintenance ok writing
really easy easy to you have some ass
out in
been a 20-minute something like that but
maintaining them is your thing to make
sure nothing money went away free stuff
like that and StumbleUpon
also do their own version Corp a
discovery so is no
at exactly is getting in front of the
right people
what they’ll do is they’ll make sure
that your Abbas got people have already
shown interest in a particular subject
in that area and I’ll kind of like
pushing into their
news feed as it were I’m with some up on
you can pick up anything you wanna
mean a major video or just text all
whatever so it doesn’t more natural so
people don’t feel that they’re being
advertised to quite as much
LinkedIn also have their own version
i think is a minimal 10 dollar budget
you have to spend belts yep that’s
nothing really anyway
it is getting bigger more more people
are using LinkedIn appetizing
obviously A’s quite specifically
you probably wouldn’t use it he was
selling I’m party gay
all and fun to dress up my talent in is
deafening industry based thing
but maybe future to push a PDF official
website in some way
a bigger place a star or two with other
issues could use things like that
Twitter advertising is a bit different
I’m again you’re getting still pushed in
front of the right people supposed to
actually showing them adverts for what
you doing
I was very popular a slightly different
with the ways of working if you do have
a Twitter account if it’s a successful
definitely recommend that I’m and vanity
mirrors not give it a try
you can eg olivier’s you can take budget
really loves you not just gonna
runaway spending their money on nothing
last one is read it might be but I
really think about
read it when I think about social media
advertising and
is quite heavy leg but it’s a really a
really interesting group of people that
use reddit
very protective and they’re really
engage so if you
if you do reach out to read it uses any
do a good job and I love you
I love you forever to promote you to
share you don’t talk about you
if you do a bit how for Joe or you might
run my part but they have this family
they will destroy you
they will take you down so if you gonna
do it differently
thank you a little and you get called
out for it
I think that’s about it I would suggest
the first time happy new business
particularly if you look and brand
trial with them see what works for you I
as is a particular faced with a love
them to be very careful
I’m keep wages low to stop until you
really know what you doing
things I stumbleupon as well as much of
it as you can end up spending more money
than you intend
if you’re not careful if you say but is
too high an
Pierre get it right see what you think
if you need to know more
you can check out our blog have a look
at some other videos on keys eyesight
or try the social media profiles a valid
video thanks very much