Promotional Video Sales Formula – Promo Video Script For Selling With Video

Promotional video sales – How to make a promotional video Download the 7 step promotional video formula here In this video I share the promotional video idea I used to create a very successful promotional video for one of my clients.


It increased sales by over 200% in the first week it was published. When creating a product promotional video or a business promo video for the first time it is easy to get overwhelmed with the technical aspects of video making. In this video I reveal what is actually most important when creating a promotional video. As well as how to overcome the barrier of technical difficulties when making your own product or business promotional video.

I also provide you with a 7 step formula for creating promotional videos that make instant sales. How to use proven sales techniques in your video to inspire viewers to take instant action to make a purchase. This means that even if you are new to video making you will be able to make a promotional video that will work for you and your business.

Download the 7 step promotional video formula here If you would like our team to create your next promotional video contact us at Check out some of my other content to help you learn how to grow your business with online video. Generate new leads and increase sales with online video and video promotion.

How to make a promotional Video: Promo Video Ideas: How to make a product demo video

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