How To Run A Successful B2B Social Media Advertising Project.

Media Advertising Project.

in this specific video
you’re going to learn how to add a
Twitter box


widget to the sidebar I love you were
press site
now the reason why you will want to use
is simply because Twitter will allow you
to create
a community of people that will follow
and whenever you make the tweets than
that people can see
your Twitter tweets they can contact you
and communicate with you
through Twitter tweets and another thing
you can announce
you know company announcements news
announcements and so forth
in there so many different ways that you
can use
Twitter and be creative about it now
you do need to use Twitter if your gonna
post a Twitter box
on your WordPress site if you have no
intention over using Twitter
in you just don’t have the time then
you may not want to put it up but
if you have the intent that you wanna
news and useful tips tricks and advice
for people and create a following in a
then this is something you might want to
think about so with that said
in order to do this its very very easy
when you need to do is simply hop on
over to Google
and funny day Twitter widgets
profile which will enable you to
the Twitter box widgets for your sidebar
so let’s go ahead and do that let’s go
to Google dot com
and type in the phrase
Twitter widgets profile
and this is the link here
simply click on this link and the
profile widget is
a widgets that is provided by
Twitter so you can customize it if you
to customize it for example this is what
the Twitter box
looks like however you can change the
color you can change
the design and so forth so the first
thing you want to do is simply enter
your username and then
you click on a preference says you can
create a poll for new results
you can include a scrollbar if you want
people to scroll through
you can create a timed interval
behavior and you can show
a specific number of tweets so let’s say
for example
that you one is small box let’s say
3 tweets max right now is showing by
for let’s say we want to be a smaller
box that’s about alt
the sizeof 3 tweets: because we don’t
want to
you lies too much space because
on our WordPress site imagine that as
real estate space you want to utilize
every single piece of space
as much as possible so we’re gonna
choose that we’re gonna click on
we can change the color as you can see
here the links
are green we can change the links to
course you’re not you something that is
and the beauty of this here is you can
actually see what’s going on
so if you don’t like something you can
always change it
we can change
the shell background from
great to something else we can change
the tweet background currently at that
is black
and we can change that to whites
or specifically you might want to
use the colors that are part of your
that way there is some sort of
with the Twitter box and your site
so we’re gonna make it waits I’m gonna
make the show
black and I’m going to make the Twitter
black and I’m gonna change the links
because I can see links
too dark blue and I can change the time
in shins
let’s say hi I want the shorter height
and let’s say i’m satisfied with what I
see here
what I can do now is simply I can click
test settings
and that’s gonna update this box
and i could play around with that I can
make it smaller click on test settings
and let’s say for example that I am
satisfied with what I see here
all I need to do is click on Finish and
grab code
and this is the code that we need to
and after I grab the code I need to go
to WordPress dashboard
go under widgets which is under
and what you need to do is create text
so what I need to do is simply enter the
here click on Save
and if I go to live site I should be
able to see
the Twitter box and as you can see I’m
able to see
but water parks and we’re good to go