Social Media Tools


Social Media Tools

Every company should be implementing several social media management tools in order to make sure that they are effectively engaging with users, managing their marketing team to avoid duplicate work, and consolidating their time.


Well guess what? We have three social media management tools that can accomplish all of those tasks and we’re going to share them with you!

Social Media Management Tools | Klout

Klout is absolutely necessary to measure your influence over almost every social media site including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Their measurement is broken down into three categories:

True Reach- the number of people you influence, both within your immediate network and across their extended networks.
Amplification – indicates how much you influence people.
Network Influence – measures the influence of your network.

Don’t worry if your score is low at first, especially if you’re business is new to social media. Klout is a great way to test what works and what doesn’t. Generally speaking Klout amongst other social media management tools, should be looked at on a bi-monthly basis.

Also be sure to enter a topic for your business, so you can see how your score fairs among top competition.

Social Media Management Tools | Asana

There are a few social media management tools that can help your team keep up with assignments, deadlines, and time management, but I’ve yet to use a tool as effective as Asana for project management.

Its no wonder why either when Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, Facebook co-founders, are the brains behind the whole operation.

Social Media Tools

In comparison to Google Docs, Asana really does a much better job at keeping your team on task with deadlines and project details. We’re sure that you’ll love it!

Social Media Management Tools | 7 Minute Dashboard

Now that you’ve measured your social media influence, looked over some analytics, and found a task manager to keep your team on track, its time for social media management tools that can help you make the most of your time and allow you to send out social media marketing campaigns out across all channels.

Thats where the 7 Minute Dashboard comes in and saves the day.

To understand the concept, consider how in Outlook, you can pull in your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, & Hotmail e-mail accounts all into one account.

Instead of logging in and out of 5 different e-mail accounts, It’s much simpler to manage your e-mail from one Outlook account location. This ease and convenience encourages you to check in and communicate via email more often.

This type of thinking is what created the 7 Minute Dashboard. From this one account, you can pull in all of your Facebook personal, Pages, and Group accounts, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn accounts, and blog accounts to one place and engage with your friends, followers, or whomever is connected with you.

You can add links, posts photos, share videos or just simply leave messages in specific groups of your choosing or on people’s walls.

Rather than logging into each site, you are able to engage with all social connections from one simple location in just minutes each day.

So tell us what you think about Klout, Asana, and the 7 Minute Dashboard. Do you have any other social media management tools that you’d like to suggest?